The Age of Humans

The Age of Humans take you on a journey through time to discover how we (humans) became the dominate species on the planet, how our dominance is currently impacting the nature world, and consider our long term responsibility to the planet & the some 8.7 million species that we share this world with.

The Age of Humans

E.O. Wilson

Naom Chomsky

Sarah Blaffer Hrdy

Lawrence Krauss

Curtis W. Marean

Rasmus Nielson

Frans De Waal

David B. Wake


Directors Statement

There have been many documentaries made about humans and our origins, but none really tell the full story of the human epic. We see it as a tale worth telling not just for educational purposes, but also to feed the natural human curiosity of where we came from and where our species is headed. We have ushered in a new epoch; we want this film to leave viewers wanting to make it a great one for all of the Earth’s inhabitants, not just one species of primate.

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